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Streamlining concierge services around the world.

Delivering a suite of products designed to support the modern concierge.

The team at Concierge Atlas has partnered with leading Hotels worldwide to offer a suite of products that support modern concierges in delivering five-star service to guests.

Our platform enables concierges to directly interact with guests and provide personalized recommendations based on their local knowledge, while our whitelabeled websites feature a wealth of articles and editorials on the local area, with new content uploaded weekly. Additionally, our platform allows your concierge desk to list their preferred services, providing guests with a one-stop-shop for planning and enquiring about their next journey.

Complementing Atlas is GEM, our Guest Experience Management system, fully powered by Freshworks. GEM allows your in house team to streamline concierge services, taking full advantage of a state of the art, AI powered CRM solution.

By providing concierges with world-class tools, hotels can guarantee that their guests receive the best possible service and experience

Concierge Atlas

Concierge Atlas is our dedicated white-labelled platform meticulously crafted to elevate guest experiences in luxury and corporate hotels.

It equips Hotel teams with always-on-brand, up-to-date local area suggestions, whilst prominently showcasing all the services your concierge desk offers.

Our page promises to significantly facilitate the labour-intensive emailing duties that are testing more and more our concierge desks, allowing the team to refocus on engaging effectively with guests in your Lobbies, delivering fantastic guest experiences. We also make sure all suggestions are always on brand and consistent to the tone of voice your valued hotel has chosen.

Guest Experience Management

Complementing Atlas is GEM, our Guest Experience Management system, fully powered by Freshworks. Integrated with Atlas, it offers omnichannel communication, compatibility with Opera/Oracle, and impeccable profiling to track guest preferences.

Our AI-fuelled chat functionality not only facilitates efficient communication with guests but also significantly enhances the time efficacy of the concierge desk.

For a more comprehensive understanding, I've attached our presentation on Concierge Atlas and a video walkthrough of GEM.

At Concierge Atlas we will work with your team to produce a high quality, informative map, which includes advertisements from your trusted partners / preferred providers of other services, attractions, shopping and experiences that enhance your guest's experience making their stay memorable.

Our Digital Map

For decades the concierge has shared his knowledge with clients and often this has included comments on a map, circles of where to go and a line showing how to get there. At Concierge Atlas, we have combined this age-old tradition with a digital map service that brings the concierge into the 21st century.

Our digital app is web based, with nothing to download. It allows our concierges to interact with their clients in the same way as they have for decades.


Meet the Concierge Atlas Team

Robert Penn


Providing over 30 years of commercial experience and a strong international network, Rob supports the funding, structure and scaling needs of a number of developed and startup companies. Experienced in developing brands that support the hotel and resort sector alongside a background in retail and customer service, both physical and digital.

Massimo Dal Checco


Massimo's has been for 15 years at the helm of some of the world's leading concierge desks. He has proudly joined both the Italian and Great Britain sections of Les Clefs d'Or. As a member of the society he has managed Public Relations and partners acquisition for the Milan branch. He provides the concierge perspective to Atlas, making sure our offer is always tailored to Les clefs d'Or members. Massimo also facilitates all our partners and advertiser's acquisition.

Armand de Beer


Armand utilizes his expertise within our customer experience and operations department. Having over 8 years of CX experience in the Middle-East, African and European market that includes hotel, retail and SaaS sectors.

Jordan Gigg


Jordan facilitates the curation of all digital processes, from in house operations to advertiser connections. As well as the digital platform engineer, bringing the digital map's platform from an idea into reality.

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